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Irish Schools - send your message into space in 2013! Please note this is now open to all countries!
5 August 2013

Please note this is now open to all countries!

“Gathering the Gathering” is a project to capture people’s thoughts and stories throughout the year of The Gathering 2013. At the end of 2013 CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory will send all of the messages into space!

They will be transmitted by radio waves to Epsilon Eridani, a star with an extrasolar planet (called Epsilon Eridani b), by a powerful radio telescope at the observatory in Cork.

You will be able to record and upload your messages during 2013 using a free web-based tool which will be available later in December 2012.  The organisers say it’s up to you what to record: tell a story; draw a picture; video your family, friends, school, club, or favourite place in Ireland – the choices are endless and limited only by your imagination.

These “cosmic postcards” will also be stored in a digital time-capsule which will be opened in 2023 – at the same time as the nation’s thoughts and dreams finally arrive at Epsilon Eridani b (the planet is about 10 light years from Earth).

Meanwhile snippets of the cosmic postcards will be available in a special exhibit at CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory and on their website from the end of 2013. 

Extracts here are from: and also   where you can enter your email for notification when this begins.  An excellent idea for schools!




Gathering Ireland 2013
Gathering Ireland 2013