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With its combination of social, educational and scientific goals, EU-UNAWE is a unique programme.

Professor George Miley from Leiden University, the Netherlands, and Chairman of EU-UNAWE


EU-UNAWE Project Board
George Miley  (the Netherlands, Chair)
Carolina Ödman Govender (member at large)
Claus Madsen (member at large)
Cecilia Scorza (member at large)
Kevin Govender (member at large)

Andreas Quirrenbach (Germany)
Rosa M. Ros (Spain)
Franco Pacini (Italy)
Mark Bailey (the United Kingdom)
Sivuyile Manxoyi (South Africa)
Pedro Russo (the Netherlands, ex-officio) 

FP7 Project and Legal Officer: Stefano D'Orilia

Advisor:  Jos van den Broek (Leiden Univ.)

EU-UNAWE International Office
International Project Manager: Pedro Russo | linkedin | twitter 

Science Editor: Sarah Reed | linkedin | twitter
Science Writing Assistant: Marissa Rosenberg (Leiden Uni. Astronomy PhD student)
Science Writing Assistant: Carla Natário (Leiden Uni. Astronomy MSc student)

Graphic Designer: André Roquette
Web Developer: Bruno Rino

Educational Resources Editor: Position vacant
Educational Repository Researcher: Wendy Williams (Leiden Astronomy PhD student)
Educational Resources Developer: Sara Khalafinejad (Leiden Uni. Astronomy MSc student)
Business development: Jaya Ramchandani (Leiden Uni. Astronomy MSc student)
Space Scoop Educational Evaluation: Natalie Fischer

Distribution Assistant: Olmo Landman

Intern (Educational Support): Stephanie Finnvik | blog | (May 2011 - July 2011)
Intern (Educational Support): Maya Barlev | blog | (June 2011 - July 2011)

National Project Managers

Germany: Natalie Fischer and Anita Mancino
Italy: Alessandra Zanazzi and Lara Albanese
The Netherlands: Frederiek Westra van Holthe and Wouter Schrier
South Africa: To be appointed
Spain: To be appointed
United Kingdom: Libby McKearney