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How to Feed a Galactic Monster
4 June 2020
Almost every galaxy - including our Milky Way - has a giant black hole at its center. These are known as supermassive black holes as they are the largest known type of black holes. Despite the number and size of these black holes, scientists still don't know where they come from or how they form/ A team of researchers has now provided new insights into the formation of supermassive black holes, by adding new ingredients to the black hole’s diet.

Space Scoop (Romanian)

Here you can read the latest Space Scoop, our astronomy news service for children aged 8 and above. The idea behind Space Scoop is to change the way science is often perceived by young children, as outdated and dull subjects. By sharing exciting new astronomical discoveries with them, we inspire children to develop an interest in science and technology. Space Scoop makes a wonderful tool that can be used in the classroom to teach and discuss the latest astronomy news. 

Space Scoop is available in the following languages:

English, Dutch, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Farsi, French, Greek, Gujarati, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Maltese, Norwegian, Portuguese, K’iche’, Romanian, Russian, Sinhalese, Slovenian, Swahili, Tamil, Tetum, Turkish, Tz’utujil, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Welsh

Giganții gazoși însetați de combustibil
2 January 2013:
Secretul tinereții
19 December 2012:
Un cadou de Crăciun din spațiu
18 December 2012:
Forța fie cu tine
17 December 2012:
Pe cerul întunecat se văd stele strălucitoare
6 December 2012:
Explozii în spațiu
28 November 2012:
Stelele pensionare se apucă de sculptură
8 November 2012:
O vizită la scoala stelelor
7 November 2012:
Fabrica se stele a Universului se închide
6 November 2012:
O schimbare majoră
31 October 2012:
84 de milioane de stele, și numărătoarea continuă
24 October 2012:
Fă cunoștință cu vecinii tăi
17 October 2012:
Vânătorul de fluturi
10 October 2012:
Ghemul cosmic
10 October 2012:
Pescăruși în spațiu
26 September 2012:
Vârstele stelelor
12 September 2012:
Secretul unei stele
5 September 2012:
Astronomii fac o descoperire dulce
29 August 2012:
Nu opriți muzica!
15 August 2012:
De ce este cerul întunecat noaptea?
15 August 2012:
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